15 Best Websites To Learn How To Code

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Coding is a team sport, not a spectator sport. The best way to learn coding or programming is through certain websites we will talk about in while.

While watching tutorials and reading books on code is beneficial, creating your language is the only way to increase your programming proficiency genuinely.

 The following are some of the best sites to practice your newly acquired coding skills.

1. Coderbyte

When you initially begin developing your coding abilities, you may be unclear of which skills to practice first.

 It’s beneficial to work on real-world difficulties encountered by other coding experts – and Coderbyte provides just that.

With over 300 challenges covering front-end and back-end development, data structures, and algorithms, you can improve your abilities in real-world situations.

Coderbyte supports 16 different programming languages and features a library of over 2 million user-submitted solutions, providing you with ample practice.

2. HackerRank

While it’s meant for people with prior coding experience, HackerRank is one of the largest competitive programming websites available.

 With online challenges and leaderboards to track your progress, this coding community can show how your programming compares to the competition.

It’s not all about competition, though; HackerRank provides a wealth of tutorials and explanations to help you hone your abilities.

HackerRank helps engineers get noticed by influential technology organizations, resulting in a job offer.

3. Codewars

Since coding is both an art and a science, it’s only natural that the Codewars platform features a martial arts theme.

 Select one of 29 programming languages to represent your coding style, complete community-generated challenges or katas, and advance up the ranks as you gain programming wisdom.

 Once you’ve achieved mastery, you can pass on your knowledge to other students.

4. CodinGame

Would you like to play a game?

 CodinGame allows you to improve your coding skills by playing enjoyable games and completing code challenges.

 With single-round battles and both solo and multiplayer modes, this platform allows you to practice your coding skills in a fun and engaging manner.

5. CodeChef

Competition might be the most effective incentive for learning, and CodeChef provides just that.

 This India-based platform is one of many that allow users to test their skills against other coders through rigorous tournaments, which provides excellent coding exercises for beginners.

 Moreover, the competition is friendly since participants frequently publish posts and lessons to assist one another in learning.

6. Project Euler

Project Euler provides an opportunity to use a script to answer complex arithmetic problems.

While you cannot directly build your program in their editor, you can obtain hands-on math and coding expertise in one place.

7. TopCoder

TopCoder is among the most established platforms out there, with a close-knit community of expert programmers and developers.

 On the educational side, they offer a plethora of weekly tasks and explanations and challenging tournaments that prepare you to take on the coding challenge.

On the earning side, coders who demonstrate their expertise can earn money as freelancers completing digital projects for companies as prestigious as Harvard and NASA — and can even advance to the position of Copilot project manager.


SPOJ, an acronym for Sphere Online Judge, is one of the most extensive coding libraries available – and it’s growing at a breakneck pace.

This site features over 20,000 coding tasks and occasionally awards victors with gift cards and other prizes.

 Their discussion boards are an excellent resource for picking up new coding techniques – however, not every official solution is put there.

 And while you can write your code in their editor, you can also transfer it from your preferred editor.

9. LeetCode

Though meant for developers with some programming experience, LeetCode is an excellent resource for developers wishing to prepare for interviews or gain attention from top technology companies.

 This portal has over 2,000 projects in 14 programming languages and offers weekly and monthly challenges in algorithms and system architecture to database and functional programming.

 Additionally, they partner with businesses to provide assessment and training tools to assist programmers improve, as well as interview preparation tools to help top candidates land the job.

10. Geektastic

Geektastic features many tools for programmers of all skill levels, including specific solutions to their multiple-choice and peer-reviewed coding problems.

Along with their interactive challenges and competitions, coders who achieve a certain rank get invited to join the review team.

 Members of this team are also compensated for their time spent reviewing coding submissions for clients looking for assistance with their coding projects.

11. Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks, developed by developers, provides coding content for programmers of all ability levels.

 There are exercises in data structures, machine learning, and web programming, among others, and competitive challenges provide an opportunity for interaction and the sharing of coding solutions.

12. CodeEval

CodeEval, like HackerRank, is aimed to assist businesses in locating and recruiting elite talent.

 This means that its content mainly targets intermediate and advanced coders.

 However, those who can climb to the top of a leaderboard using the most efficient coding techniques get jobs.

13. The Crazy Programmer

While this blog doesn’t provide hands-on coding experience, it does provide a plethora of programming knowledge on just about anything else.

 From valuable books and articles to tutorials and Q&As, The Crazy Programmer is an excellent blog for individuals just getting started with coding.

14. The Hackr.io Blog

If you’re seeking classes or other resources to help you improve your coding skills, The Hackr.io Blog can point you in the correct direction.

 This blog, written by a community of programming professionals, is dedicated to assessing the most valuable coding articles so that their followers may trust their sources.

However, they cover a broad range of subjects, and people looking for information on a particular language may find their content inconsistent.

15. Better Programming

As the title implies, this site is dedicated to helping you improve your programming skills.

 Better Programming provides articles on various web design and coding topics, and with beginning and intermediate content, there is truly something for everyone.

 However, as with Hackr.io, people specializing in a particular subject may want more concentration.

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