10 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

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Online businesses appear to be getting more inventive in their efforts to win over shoppers these days. First, however, consider the following ten tactics to save money while shopping if you are a savvy deal hunter or wish to obtain significant discounts without exerting much effort.

1. Outwit the dynamic pricing trap

Dynamic pricing is a clever approach that online merchants employ to display various costs to different customers based on their location, browsing, purchasing habits, and the current demand for the goods.

For example, have you ever found dirt cheap airfare that increased 30% the next day?

That is an example of dynamic pricing in action.

Due to the sophistication of this strategy, most businesses are fully aware of your price point.

Therefore, they may present you with a more excellent price than someone else who makes online purchases at a lower price.

To obtain a more accurate price, you should:

  • Delete your browsing history, namely cookies
  • log out of all your accounts (email, Google+, and Facebook, for example).
  • enable incognito mode or, better still, take advantage of Tor browser’s anonymous internet browsing capabilities
  • Choose localized website versions rather than being sent to the United States.
  • Select a less developed country as a home to obtain lower airline charges

2. Shop on the right day

Even if it appears enticing to spend your relaxing Sunday afternoon perusing numerous merchants, resist the need to pay out prematurely.

Most stores offer discounts and unique bargains on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

On the other hand, Sunday is an important day to score inexpensive plane tickets.

On the other hand, according to Airlines Reporting Corporation, which studied over 130 million domestic and international flight bookings over 19 months, Monday is the most expensive.

Again, the numbers speak for themselves: on Sunday, the average price for a round-trip ticket is $432; on Saturday, the average is $439; and on Tuesday, the formerly “cheapest day to buy tickets,” the average is $497.

Tuesday is the most fantastic day to purchase laptop and desktop computers because significant merchants such as Dell Home and Hewlett-Packard provide special coupons on Tuesdays.

Saturday is bookworms’ specials, as Amazon and Barnes & Noble provide discounts on various titles aimed at readers who enjoy spending their weekends with a new great read.

3. Use multiple coupon codes strategically

If the website enables you to combine multiple discounts and promo codes during the checkout process, be sure to do so in the correct order.

If you have a promo code for 20% off plus a coupon for 10% off, apply the 20% promo code first.

This will deduct 20% from the total price, and then you can add additional savings with your $10 discount coupon.

4. Ask for price-drop refunds

Assume you purchased an item yesterday, but upon checking the following day, discovered it was now on sale.

Pretty aggravating.

Certain businesses, however, may refund you the difference in price if you contact them directly within a specified number of days.

For example, if you tell Amazon within seven calendar days of the delivery date, they will refund.

Camelcamelcamel.com can be used to monitor Amazon price fluctuations.

Certain credit cards include price protection as well.

That is, regardless of where you shopped, you will receive a refund if the price drops within a specified number of days.

The Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® and the Citi® Double Cash Card are among these.

5. Take advantage of intelligent reward programs

Certain apps allow you to redeem extra benefits for completing specific tasks.

For example, with ShopKick, you can earn kicks by completing paid online surveys or simply perusing product catalogs.

You may redeem these kicks for gift cards or special discounts.

In addition, Swagbucks TV lets you earn Swagbucks by viewing videos and redeeming them for savings at various online stores.

Case Happy rewards you with 1 point (equivalent to 0.05£) for every pound spent on their excellent iPad, Kindle, and tablet cases.

You can use your points for vouchers on your next purchase with no dollar restriction.

In essence, you can obtain the second product for free.

If you enjoy designer apparel, you may want to check out the Guilt Insider loyalty program.

You gain early access to sales and a variety of exclusive discounts, in addition to earning 5 points for every dollar spent, 35 points for following them on Facebook, and so forth.

You use your points for free shipping, access to exclusive flash sales, and various additional benefits.

Amazon nails it with the Amazon Rewards Visa card, which comes with a $50 sign-up bonus and earns you three points for every dollar spent.

6. Bargain with customer service.

Have you recently spotted a tasty deal in your email only to learn it expired two days ago?

Do not be alarmed! Call the helpline and request an extension of your voucher when you are about to place your order.

Typically, sales representatives are motivated to close the sale and provide you with a new discount code or extend an old one.

While this may not always work, particularly with low-priced things, it is always worth trying.

Alternatively, you can use the live chat features that are currently available on the majority of websites.

Be polite and ask a few inquiries regarding the product you’re interested in purchasing, followed by an inquiry about any possible discounts.

 It’s a little-known truth, but chat support can give unique promo codes.

7. Organize your emails

Subscribing to newsletters, coupon sites, and promotion lists can save you a lot of money, but you’re afraid of having your email address spammed?

Consider Unroll. Me, a convenient email add-on that enables rapid unsubscription from spam emails and de-clutter your inbox by sending one digest email each day summarizing your desired subscriptions.

Then, please select the time of day you’d like to receive it.

8. Run smart comparison checks

Install the PriceBlink browser add-on to avoid overpaying and find the most incredible bargains online (available for Chrome, Mozilla, Safari).

 It will save you hours by gathering prices for the same product from multiple stores, organizing them in an intelligent chart, and even telling you when there are any applicable coupons.

Alternatively, you can use the Pricegrabber app, which performs the same function and scans bar codes and displays “bottom line prices” that include taxes, shipping, and other add-on costs.

9. Leave items in your cart

Leave the items in your cart and take a day or two off.

To begin, you’ve just averted an impulse purchase.

Second, most retailers despise unfinished deals and will make every effort to maintain your business.

Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, JC Penney, and Office Max are just a few of the stores that send the coupons or offer a better price the following day.

Bear in mind that the method only works if you have an account with the store and are logged in when you leave your cart.

10. Accumulate more coupons with multiple mail addresses

Certain retailers delight in giving massive single-use coupons to a specific group of their clients.

Sign up for their newsletter with numerous email accounts to increase your chances of saving huge money.

Consider how much money you will save if you use three 50% discount codes instead of one for a single full-priced item purchase.

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