6 Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies For Online Startups

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Are you new to your online startups or in the process of developing a new business?

This article will explain some effective digital marketing strategies that are good bangs for your bucks.

Are you up for it?

If the answer is yes, I see no reason to keep holding my words.

  Let me air what I have for you right away.

Here are eight cost-effective marketing strategies that every digital startup must consider for growing its online business.

1. Build an Email List

Most people who read my blogs here can attest that I speak of email marketing a lot.

Well, the thing is that whenever digital marketing is the most of concern and generating recurring sales also counts, your email list has lots of contributions to make.

Building a massive list of potential contacts’ email addresses can be an arduous task, and you’re not sure that you’re even getting enough that you needed without breaking a sweat or even your pocket.

But when you manage to get those email addresses flowing into your list, you’re indirectly getting the money from a digital marketing perspective; remember that “the money is in the list.”

Another benefit of building a list of emails is that it will belong to you forever and under your control under natural circumstances.

Your social media page, group, profile, or the account you have on any of the forums may be blocked, and you immediately lose access to it, but you’re unstoppable with your email list.

2. Referral Marketing

As a digital startup, having an affiliate arrangement will go a long way in helping you generate more sales, and a good thing about it is that you don’t have to hire anyone to market your products or services.

You pay your affiliates for the sales they generate by way of commissions.

This is also a method every new startup company or older could strategize on, to increase their brand awareness.

For example, one affiliate for your products reaches 100 of their followers and has convinced 10 of them to purchase from you.

Under this scenario, you pay affiliate commissions for sales that the affiliate encourages, but what about the other ninety people who bought nothing?

Some among the 90 may choose to patronize your business in the future, and still among them; some may decide to recommend you to buyers within their reach, which increases your brand awareness.

 If you are looking for a cost-effective strategy as a startup, referral marketing is worth your consideration.

3. Content Marketing is of The Essence

A static website is not enough; you also need to integrate a blog into your new startup business website.

Having a blog for your startup company website will help you reach more prospects and increase your brand awareness in different ways, from search engines, for example.

In that event, writing and publishing valuable content related to your business industry will be very helpful in your SEO and convert your website visitors into buyers.

The more value you give to people, the better your chances of success through content marketing.

 You need to know that content marketing is all about adding value, establishing confidence, and giving people enough reasons to buy from you.

This is one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses, and your business can be no exception either.

So it’s very worthwhile for you to consider.

4. Promote on Social media

Even if a business is not thinking about going digital, having a presence on social media is the least they can do.

For your digital startup, consider your presence on social networks to be a necessity.

The major social media platforms are big enough to include your potential customers, and luckily, the social platforms understood that businesses need to be there.

So, there are various business tools you could use to attract customers on social media.

You can also boost your reach by paying for sponsored posts, and the sponsored posts you do on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others are highly budget-friendly with enormous potential for your return on investment.

5. Take Advantage of Search Engines

The quality of traffic you generate directly correlates to the number of sales you might make.

 So you don’t want to attract people who are less concerned about what you have to offer.

Search engines could do the needful here by providing you with the most quality traffic that you can easily convert if you could optimize your website for adequate search engine visibility.

The competition here is no story to write home, but search engines will give you the visibility you deserve in due time if you can do the correct thing.

6. Participate in Coupon Deal Sites

Whether you sell products or offer your services to customers, if you have a few discounted offers you might promote to prospective customers, you should probably consider approaching coupon websites to seal over your offers.

Some businesses neglect these websites, but the most versatile ones know that you can bring more customers on board by leveraging coupon deal sites.

You can target clients on most of these sites based on your specific operating location, making it ideal for local businesses as well as other larger ones.

Living Social and Groupon are examples of good coupon websites you should check out, and the more compelling your discount seems, the better your chances of winning potential buyers are.

Final Thoughts

Achieving high returns with minimal investment is an essential factor that every company must target, not just startups.

So, if you are looking for strategies to cut your marketing costs, but not without getting a compromise on the quality of your customers, you must take note of the above six cost-effective marketing strategies for digital startups.

If necessary, you can bookmark this page for future use.

I would like to know how you feel about the following in the comments section.

To what extent do you feel your current marketing strategy is cost-effective, given the ROI?

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