50 Ways To Make Money Online

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With more businesses coming online, more opportunities to earn keep popping up as well. Some businesses seem not to have the potential to make you a fortune out of them. Nonetheless, several people keep complaining that they can’t earn a penny online. This might be because you’re venturing into the wrong kind of online income source. If you’re among people that are yet to start earning a sustainable income online, you should check out the 50 methods to make money online below.

1. Blogging

Create a blog and monetize it through affiliate marketing, advertising networks, selling of products and services, etc.

2. Website or Application Reviews

Many websites and app developers or brands are willing to pay a realistic amount of money to get positive reviews about their sites or apps from you.

3. Kindle Publishing

Create an Ebook and publish it on the Amazon kindle store.

 Name the price, and for every sale, you get 70% of it, and the rest is a commission for the sales.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Promote other people’s products or services, and for every sale made, you get a percentage cut as a commission.

5. Freelancing

If you have a skill worth monetizing, head up to Fiverr, Upwork, or other freelancing sites, and post your Gig.

6. Domain Flipping

Buy good domains at a cheaper rate and sell them to brands or individuals ready to pay more for that.

7. Selling Photos

You can design or take clear photos and sell them on stock photo websites or to brands that need them.

8. Youtube

If you are good with videos, you can create a Youtube channel and monetize it through various means.

9. Cryptocurrency Trading

You may consider buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium at a specific rate, and when their value appreciates with time, you can sell them and earn a profit margin.

10. Cryptocurrency Mining

Have devices with larger processors to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins for you.

11. Become a Copywriter

Learn to create converting sales copies and earn by offering that as a service to clients.

12. Dropshipping

Sell products you don’t need and earn profits from the sales realized.

13. Transcription

You can earn money by transcribing voice notes into written text with a transcription job.

14. Web Design

Design websites for businesses and individuals that need their websites to be designed, and charge them for your service.

15. Graphics Design

How about graphic monetizing graphic design skills, if you have any?

16. Life Coaching

If you can mentor people to explore their mental wellbeing, you can earn by offering life coaching sessions.

17. Podcasting

Earn by narrating audiobooks or by leveraging other podcast mediums.

18. Voiceovers

Irrespective of your accent or tone, there’s always someone who can pay to have you do some voiceovers for their presentations.

19. Online Surveys

Participate in paid online surveys and earn from your participation.

20. App Development

If you have the skills to develop apps, you can earn by developing specific apps for clients.

21. Online Tutorials

Charge people to learn from the skills you have.

22. Typing

Land a typing job and get paid for your completions.

23. E-commerce

Create an online store, sell products or items, and profit from the sales you make.

24. Influencer Marketing

Become an influencer and sell from adverts, sponsored posts, products, etc.

25. Travel Consultancy

Make your traveling experience and exposure a part-time or full-time job through consultancy service.

26. Content Writing

Create content for websites and blogs and charge for your work.

27. Video Editing

Edit other people’s videos or help them create some and get paid in doing so.

28. Translation

Get paid to translate some content from one language to another.

29. Virtual Assistance

Work by assisting brand executives or entrepreneurs from home.

30. Stock Trading

Invest in the stock exchange and get profit when the market moves in your favor.

31. SEO Services

Many bloggers or website owners feel unease with ranking their websites on search engines, assist them for a token.

32. Forex Trading

Similar to stock trading, you can earn when the market favors you, but through currency exchange this time. Learn tricks and tactics of Forex trading here.

33. Resell Web Hosting

Buy a web hosting space and sell it, or offer shared hosting to other bloggers for a token.

34. Sell Advertising Space

Many businesses are willing to pay you for advertising on your social media wall, blog, etc.

35. Offer Services

Help people out by offering your services in exchange for money.

36. Selling Web Templates

Many website owners are willing to pay for a good web theme to apply to their sites.

37. Social Media Management

Become a social media manager and receive payment for managing social accounts, groups, or pages.

38. Micro-Tasks

Handle little tasks through websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTURK) and earn money online by completing them.

39. Logistics Business

Offer logistic services to individuals and businesses online.

40. Product Testing

Many companies want to test their products for assurances and pay anyone who can help.

41. Create Video Reviews

Get brands to pay you by promoting their products to the audience through video reviews.

42. Website Management

Manage other people’s websites and make money in return.

43. Language Teaching

Teach interested people how to speak a different language that they are interested in learning.

44. Create an App

Create an app and monetize it with advertising networks like Google Admob, InApp purchases, etc.

45. Customer Service

Become a customer service representative by working to attend to customer needs.

46. Sell Digital Products

Produce a digital product that solves a specific problem and sells it to the people who need it.

47. Play Online Games

The gaming industry is rising, especially with the advent of games that reward users with cash returns.

48. Cash-backs

Some platforms reward users with some percentage of cash-back bonuses for activities and transactions carried out.

49. Find Programming Bugs

Locate glitches or bugs within an app, website, or any programming piece and report to companies willing to pay for your discoveries.

50. Penetration Testing

Earn as an ethical hacker by finding loopholes and glitches within a system and reporting to the charge parties.

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