25 Best Highest-Paying Jobs In Tech

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What are some of the most high-paying tech jobs in the world? Can they be done from home or from the site? How sustainable are those jobs?

Let’s study in detail…

1. Web developer

Average national salary: $72,040

A web developer’s primary responsibilities include creating web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other related coding languages.

Their objective is to create visually stunning, highly functional, user-friendly, and error-free websites.

Additionally, web developers are accountable for the technical components of a website, such as its capacity and performance.

2. Application analyst

Average national salary: $72,660

 Application analysts work with management to ascertain the business’s requirements and then build applications to meet those requirements.

Typically, they prepare functional design papers and offer technical assistance and knowledge in designing, developing, and testing applications.

3. User interface designer

Average national salary: $75,359

 A user interface designer collaborates closely with other design specialists to ensure that users can interact with a product in the desired manner.

They are in charge of developing interactive programs that improve the user experience with a specific product.

In addition, user interface designers supply accessible and useable code that helps users fulfill their objectives quickly.

4. Database developer

Average national salary: $83,873

A database developer’s primary responsibility is to design functional, stable, and dependable databases.

 Additionally, they manage, optimize, change, and repair existing databases to ensure they meet industry requirements.

 Database developers typically collaborate with other developers to improve applications and establish best practices.

5. Application developer

Average national salary: $85,677

 Application developers are responsible for developing and implementing new apps’ source code.

 A developer will evaluate existing apps and make any necessary updates or modifications.

 Additionally, they create technical manuals and documents that appropriately depict the application’s code and design.

6. Information technology manager

Average national salary: $87,519

A technology manager’s primary responsibility is to manage the IT personnel by monitoring performance, communicating work requirements, and hiring and training employees.

 IT administrators monitor operating systems, software, and server hardware.

 Additionally, they are responsible for supervising the IT budget.

7. User experience designer

Average national salary: $89,250

The primary responsibilities of a user experience (UX) designer are to plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis, as well as to interpret data and qualitative feedback and to create sitemaps.

 Additionally, they cooperate with other developers and designers to ensure that the program is intuitive and user-friendly.

8. Business intelligence analyst

Average national salary: $91,438

 Business intelligence analysts are accountable for implementing new analytics and metrics methods, programs, and policies and processing a variety of data kinds.

 They examine and validate user data as it is acquired, monitor metrics and analytics results, and conduct audits of customer files to ensure the integrity of data gathering and use.

9. Database administrator

Average national salary: $92,194

Primary responsibilities: Database administrators store and organize data using specialist software.

 They manage and maintain company databases, update the database structure, monitor user access to the database, and create reports using database queries.

10. Business intelligence developer

Average national salary: $94,742

A business intelligence developer’s primary responsibility is to create reporting systems that provide readily available data that aids in decision-making.

Additionally, they may be required to review and upgrade current business intelligence systems, create and update technical documentation, and cooperate with other teams to ensure that systems integrate correctly


11. Software test engineer

Average national salary: $100,325

 Software test engineers ensure that software continually performs as designed.

 They develop ways to evaluate software and then subject it to various tests.

 Additionally, software test engineers examine networking functionality across operating system platforms, introduce and evaluate novel testing tools, and document test scenario identification.

12. Front-end developer

Average national salary: $101,439

The primary responsibilities of the front-end developer are as follows: A front-end developer is a computer programmer who specializes in web design.

 They are in charge of designing and structuring web pages, striking a balance between aesthetic and practical design, and optimizing web design for mobile devices.

13. Hardware design engineer

Average national salary: $102,793

A hardware design engineer’s primary responsibilities include developing, testing, and improving system components such as CPUs, circuit boards, and memory cards for computers and other devices.

 Additionally, their job responsibilities often include:

  • Changing existing hardware.
  • Supervising manufacturing processes
  • Developing specification documents
  • Cooperating with software developers to integrate specific systems

14. Network security engineer

Average national salary: $113,306

A network security engineer is responsible for providing, deploying, configuring, and administering a variety of security and networking gear and software.

In addition, they provide novel techniques for resolving existing dangers and security concerns.

Additionally, network security experts develop security plans for new networking areas, analyze logs and offer specific security measures, assist with log aggregation setup, and repair networking issues upon detection.

15. Mobile developer

Average national salary: $114,352

 Mobile developers create practical and aesthetically pleasing mobile applications.

They are accountable for the whole application life cycle, including designing UI and unit tests to find malfunctions, gathering specific requirements to provide solutions, and debugging and troubleshooting to maximize performance.

16. Product Manager

The average annual salary in the US is $100,000.

Thus, if you’re familiar with the list of the highest-paying tech careers, you’re likely to have heard about this one – becoming the product manager.

 The product manager assists in defining the criteria surrounding the product, while the engineering team constructs and subsequently directs the product’s development from conception to launch.

Product managers are accountable for developing an operating plan that contributes to achieving strategic and tactical goals and objectives, growing a product portfolio, managing and implementing marketing efforts, and contributing to product strategy and vision development.

17. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

National average salary: $110,000 annually

An artificial intelligence (AI) architect plans, directs, and supervises an organization’s AI activities. An architect of artificial intelligence should be well-versed in mathematics and statistics.

However, there is other high-paying employment available in the AI field. Take a good look at it here!

18. Full-Stack Developer

The annual average wage in the United States: $106,000

There are already over 23 million developers worldwide, and by 2023, that number will reach 27.7 million, making it one of the highest-paid IT occupations in the business!

While it is impossible to define a full stack developer precisely, the closest description is someone proficient in both front-end and back-end development or someone who possesses expertise in all stages of development, from concept to finished product.

A full stack developer may be responsible for designing and developing APIs using MEAN stack technologies, ensuring that the apps created are responsive and adhere to specified standards, maintaining the integrity of the created code, and implementing data security.

19. Cloud Architect

The annual average wage in the United States: $107,000

 Cloud architect is the next most compensated career in technology.

A cloud architect is responsible for implementing and supervising an organization’s cloud computing strategy.

A cloud architect is often responsible for establishing cloud architecture, formulating a cloud strategy, coordinating implementation and deployment, and ensuring that application architecture and deployments in the cloud environment are done correctly.

20. DevOps Engineer

Average annual income in the United States: $95,000 to $150,000

The following position on the list of the best paying technology occupations is a DevOps engineer.

 It can be a member of the development team involved in deployment and network operations or a member of the operations team involved in application development.

21. Blockchain Engineer

The average annual salary in the United States: is $150,000

A blockchain engineer specializes in building and implementing blockchain-based architectures and solutions.

By 2023, global spending on blockchain solutions is estimated to exceed 15.9 billion, indicating that demand for blockchain specialists is high across industries and geographies.

A blockchain engineer must possess strong programming abilities and a complete understanding of the technologies underlying Ripple, R3, Ethereum, and Bitcoin and consensus mechanisms and security protocol stacks, crypto libraries, and functions.

22. Software Architect

The average annual salary in the United States: is $150,000

Following that on the list of the best paying technology careers is a Software Architech.

 A software architect streamlines the development process by making design decisions and mandating technical standards such as coding, tools, and platforms.

 In addition, they identify a customer’s requirements and work hands-on to produce prototypes as part of their role.

23. Big Data Engineer

Average annual wage in the United States: $140,000

Each day, Internet users generate approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

 As a result, over 97 percent of firms invest in Big Data and AI to help them manage and obtain insights from this massive volume of data.

The second highest-paying IT job on the list is a Big Data architect.

 A Big Data architect plans, designs, and oversees large-scale Big Data application development and implementation lifecycle.

24. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

Average annual wage in the United States: $130,000

An IoT solutions architect is one of the most in-demand and well-compensated careers in technology today.

 The architect of IoT solutions is responsible for directing the strategy underlying the development and deployment of IoT solutions.

 Along with a grasp of IoT solutions, one should possess excellent programming abilities, working knowledge of machine learning, and an understanding of hardware design and architecture.

25. Data Scientist

National average salary: $150,000 annually

Without a doubt, a data scientist is one of the highest-paid positions across industries and sectors.

 Demand for data scientists has increased by 29% every year and by 344 percent since 2013, and for all the right reasons.

 A data scientist examines and interprets large amounts of complex data to assist organizations in making more informed and timely decisions.

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