7 Best Animated Explainer Video Tools

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What is an Animated Explainer Video?

A short-animated explainer video is a video intended to engage your audience both online and offline.

 Generally, the animated explainer film describes what you do or the purpose of your organization or product.

Numerous businesses worldwide have leveraged the potential of animated explainer movies to demystify complicated concepts and ideas for their consumers and prospects.

That has aided them greatly in growing their sales and developing their brand.

What exactly is an animated explainer video, and how are they created?

As I mentioned in the subparagraph above, these are brief animated videos embedded on a website.

Additionally, you can use animated animations in television advertising to communicate who you are and what you do.

Your highly converting explainer video will go through numerous stages.

To begin, the video’s creators will require a very compelling video script created by a highly skilled copywriter.

Next, the copywriter must distill your sales message or ideas into a 150-word script that communicates your message succinctly.

1. Visme

Visme is one of the best drag-and-drop animated explainer video tools. It doubles as a workshop for visual content production.

Create animated explainers with customized animated characters with Visme.

Additionally, Pulse has a plethora of backgrounds, components, and animation effects that contribute to the visual richness.


Using your Brand Kit, easily create branded animated explainer videos.

Ascertain that your explainer video’s typography and color palette are consistent with your brand.

Visme is an easy-to-use application with a minimal learning curve.

The team constantly develops the user experience and design elements to simplify creating visual content.

If you’re looking for assistance with design and style, the Visme Blog features numerous articles and tips on creating better content.

 All that is required is imagination.


There are no disadvantages to Visme that we can think of.

However, we may be biased!

Templates for Explainer Videos

Visme’s video template library is diverse and robust.

Certain alternatives rely heavily on animation, while others have video backdrops with text effect overlays.

Each template is simple to alter and tailor to your brand.

Added Capabilities

Visme is a potent web tool for content creation.

You can create movies and documents, social media graphics, infographics, data visualizations, and interactive content.

2. Animaker

Animaker is a video marketing tool that specializes in animation images.

With Animaker, you can create any form of video, including explanation videos.

In addition, the Animaker editor operates in scenes that you can edit independently.

This approach assists in minimizing the timeline editor’s overwhelm in professional video editing software.


The custom character creator in Animaker is an amazing tool for creating explanation videos which makes it one of the best animated explainer video tools out there.

Almost everything about the character can be customized, except for the physical size.

Animaker has various editing tools that enable you to produce intricate explainer movies jam-packed with information and animated visuals.

Additionally, animation transitions between scenes are available.


Custom characters cannot adjust their body size.

This omission can be problematic for many people.

When it comes to editing a video, the accessible scenes come in various styles.

As a result, it’s challenging to make a balanced video that maintains a consistent aesthetic style.

You can design the templates and scenarios casually.

Some designs are geared for business, although they are not the majority.

Templates for Explainer Videos

In the explainer video category, the Animaker characters take center stage.

The ones that lack personality are typically straightforward and unpretentious.

 The templates are very customizable, and you can animate each piece in various ways.

3. Powtoon

Powtoon is a software application for creating animated videos that are constantly evolving.

Using Powtoon to create an explanation video is uncomplicated and straightforward.

To get started, select a style and search the templates.


The best feature of Powtoon is the variety of styles available.

You can select from Modern Edge, Whiteboard, Cartoon, Infographic, or Real.

Once the editor gets the program, it helps you balance the overall appearance of your video.

You can alter a template within the editor or make the video from scratch using the template as a starting point.

The ability to switch between them is unique if you need to use your explainer video on another platform, resizing and proportioning the video.

The character builder includes branding capabilities that other tools do not.

Additionally, they are attempting to expand their body, which is a positive development.


Powtoon is somewhat sparse, which can be considered a disadvantage.

However, many users report a steep learning curve in achieving visually balanced animations of the scene’s pieces on internet review sites.

4. RawShorts

RawShorts is among the most unique animated explainer video tools.

Users can create four distinct methods, with options for incorporating Artificial Intelligence to assist any style of creativity.


The primary advantage of RawShorts is its brand features, which include the ability to generate movies from text and a storyboard wizard.

You can produce an explanatory video in minutes using only text.

Additionally, you can use pre-designed templates or create your own.


RawShorts elements are already animated; however, they are not changeable in color or movement.

That is constricting if you desire personalization.

Even though there are numerous editing systems, the software lacks visual resources.

RawShorts is on the pricey side in comparison to what it gives.

5. Vyond

Vyond is the new design for the video editing program GoAnimate.

It’s one of the most versatile animated explainer video tools.

Its characters and animation are similar to those in Powtoon.


The bespoke characters can be completely customized, from facial expressions to skin tone, clothing, and movement.

However, customization of body types is still missing.

All elements are animateable, allowing for highly animated explainer videos.

At the bottom of the screen, the editor offers an intuitive timeline tool.

Customize props and characters within the scenario quickly and easily.

Add multiple cameras with unique movements to each scene to create a more vibrant visual animation experience.


Vyond is devoid of cons. However, the character animation lacks movement options and expressions, and customization for various human types.

Vyond videos will have the same appearance as other Vyond videos.

As a result, it’s challenging to produce something truly unique.

6. Biteable

It is a free online animated explainer video tool with sufficient functionality for generating animated explainers.

In addition, they offer a variety of animation styles to suit any business or idea, although the designs are generally uncomplicated and straightforward.


The pre-made designs are easily customizable and are divided into scenes along a bottom-of-the-screen timeline.

You can customize the film scene by scene and insert additional scenes wherever you like.


When you add a new scene to a pre-made template, you have a variety of styles to pick from, making it challenging to build a visually balanced explainer video.

Templates for Explainer Videos

Explainer video themes typically consist of a flat color background with text and animation components.

Several video background templates are included, along with animated text effects.

It will be nice to see a superb choice of template styles in the gallery.

Added Capabilities

Biteable is ideal for social media videos, advertisements, and blog content, apart from explanation videos.

7. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation tool that is ideal for creating instructional videos.

It is desktop software that is accessible online.

Apart from Powtoon and Vyond, VideoScribe is one of the best whiteboard animation tools.


VideoScribe is a stand-alone application.

It is a desktop application that you may download.

It’s convenient for creators who prefer to work without an internet connection or have a slow internet connection.

There are more tools and functions hidden beneath the hood than what meets the eye.

For example, there are numerous animation controls, and it’s simple to make sophisticated animated explainers.


VideoScribe is not a web-based application.

Many people prefer to work with cloud-based software.

In addition, completing a video on VideoScribe takes time.

There are no branding elements.

While you can incorporate color into the sceneries, you cannot go too far from whiteboard-style patterns.

In theory, you can import any design, and the computer will automatically generate the drawing feature.

However, this feature is not always fully functional.

Templates for Explainer Videos

VideoScribe offers a limited selection of templates.

While creating an explainer film from scratch is preferable, it can be time-consuming.

There are very few available templates for animated explainers.

Here’s a video with a step by step guide on how to create Animated Explainer videos: